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How to Cure Winter Cabin Fever and Not Murder Your Roommate

Feb 19, 2018

When you’re knee deep in February ice, the cabin fever can get pretty thick. You’ve probably forgotten what grass looks like. Sunshine has the color of watered-down flem. It feels like years since you’ve been outside your Ohio University housing and you’re ready to murder your roommate. Careful with that axe, Eugene. Get outside, …

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5 Best Sledding Spots in Athens Ohio

Feb 12, 2018

Southeast Ohio is known as the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, but it’s probably best described as some awesome sledding hills for Appalachians. Those same hills that leave you huffing and puffing to and from class, not to mention after last call, make for some amazing sledding that will put your hometown to shame …

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4 Romantic Dining Spots to Woo Your Valentine in Athens Ohio

Feb 05, 2018

Yeah, it’s cold, but love is in air, if you’re lucky enough to catch it. And even if you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day, find a single friend and plan a friend date. Or treat yourself to dinner for one. When it comes to romance, Athens serves it up by candlelight. Here …

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3 Tips to Survive Your Walk to Class This Winter

Jan 18, 2018

Brrrr! Step outside to go to class, and you just might wonder how the Yetis can stand it. But unless you’re lucky enough to own a car, you’ll be walking a fair amount this winter. Better dress thick and stand tall. Your grandparents had to walk through three miles of six foot snow uphill …

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4 Ways to Protect Student Rental from Winter Hazards

Jan 08, 2018

Winters can be brutal on Ohio University housing. And while you ultimately aren’t responsible for most damage caused by weather, it still can be a major inconvenience on your life. It’s best to be proactive and take the needed steps to keep weather damage to a minimum. Your landlord will thank you, and you’ll …

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5 Tips to Save on Winter Energy Costs for Your Student Rental

Jan 02, 2018

Think your toes are numb now? Have you looked at your energy bill? Trust us, you won’t be able to feel your face. Athens winters can get cold, and uptown rentals in Athens Ohio are notoriously drafty. But you don’t need to take high heating costs sitting down. Batten down the hatches and save …

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How to Find the Christmas Spirit in Athens Ohio

Dec 18, 2017

As Fall Quarter comes to a grueling, grinding end, sometimes the best way to catch a breather is to take in a little holiday cheer and remember that Christmas is right around the corner. Here are 3 awesome Christmas events to get in the spirit. Enjoy the Christmas Lights of Uptown Athens Uptown Athens …

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3 Tips to Avoid Robbery During OU Holiday Break

Dec 09, 2017

You know who’s planning their Christmas shopping as soon as students leave for the holiday break? Burglars. But like Santa Claus on opposite day, they take instead of give. Don’t leave out any cookies, not to mention your iPad, as a token for their trouble. Thieves just might love Christmas as much as children. …

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Athens for Christmas? 3 Awesome Santa Hook Ups

Dec 04, 2017

Why put off your holiday shopping until Christmas winter break? The truth is that there are plenty of unique gift ideas waiting you right outside your Athens Ohio apartment. You’ll be supporting the local community, and giving friends and family a taste of Athens. That’s something you can’t order on Amazon or pick up …

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4 Helpful Resources for Finding a Great Apartment in Athens Ohio

Nov 20, 2017

Finding the right Athens Ohio apartment, one that not only fits our needs but is actually kinda cool, can feel like discovering a dimebag in a haystack. Good luck. You’re going to need it. But there are tricks to make the search easier. Here are 4 resources for better house hunting. Word of Mouth …

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