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Descriptive Rental Listings and Interactive Map Make Finding Your New Place a Snap

The search for off-campus housing couldn’t be any easier when you hunt with Krause Rental Properties. We know your time is precious and we have tried to make sure that you waste none of it during your rental search. You can browse all our available properties online. Find out what we have where and when and with which features and amenities, all without leaving your seat. Many of our apartment rentals have floor plans accompanying the listing so you can get a genuine feel of the place before you even see it in person.

Everything You Need in One Location

With our online listing of Ohio University rentals, you can find the perfect housing option within minutes. We provide you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision. From extensive floor plans to detailed photos to amenities, you’ll find it all in one convenient location. Finding a house in Athens shouldn’t have to be a struggle. We know you’re busy. Find the perfect rental within a few minutes of research, and then call us to schedule a time to see it in person. We simplify the looking process so finding the perfect place to live isn’t such a chore.

Drive Your Mouse, not your Car to Browse a Variety of Quality, Affordable Off-Campus Rentals

Apartment hunting can be a long, laborious and disappointing process. The worse case scenario would find you exhausted from the search and settling for a place you aren’t happy with just because you don’t want to waste another day looking. Put down the newspaper and forget writing down phone numbers from “For Rent” signs that stay up year-round. We have made it very easy to find the Ohio University rentals you are looking for. Browse all our properties or do an advanced search by the number of bedrooms, etc. Finding your ideal rental is easy and can take minutes instead of days.