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A Variety of Great OU Off-Campus Rentals All in One Place

The search for Ohio University rental housing just got a lot easier. We provide a variety of affordable, well maintained, rentals in many of the most desirable locations throughout town. It doesn’t matter how many roommates you have or if you don’t have any because we have Athens, Ohio rentals that range in size from studio apartments to five person apartments. All of our rentals are located within a close proximity to Uptown and the OU campus. We have quiet places to escape to for solace and rentals that will keep you in the center of the action. Take a look!

Simplify Your Search for Ohio University Rental Housing

It’s no secret that finding rental housing at Ohio University can be a rat race. Until now. Our website makes the whole process a lot easier. That because you can easily search our listings for any option you’re looking for. We’ve got something for everyone. Plus, our website provides detailed information so you can make an informed decision, all without picking up a phone or chasing down a For Rent sign. This way you can browse more options in less time and find the perfect fit. Find your housing dream in less time than it takes to order a pizza. We make it simple so you can find exactly what you need.

Don’t Waste Time with Newspapers and “For Rent” signs. Find a Variety of Quality Rentals Here

The search for housing begins. You’ve found a great place to start and finish your search. We offer a diverse selection of off-campus rentals in desirable locations around the Ohio University campus. Don’t waste time making multiple phone calls only to find that the property in question is not available. Most of those “for rent” signs stay up whether the place is available or not, which means a lot of wasted energy, time, and probably gas if you choose that route for apartment hunting. We make it easy to search for available properties based on size and location.