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Save Money on Tickets with Athens Ohio Parking Rentals

Parking regulations in Athens are strict. First, there is the 24 hour parking rule, which means your car cannot be parked in the same spot on the street anywhere in the city for more than 24 hours. The city actually employs a full time officer whose only job is to enforce this rule, and they do so with a vengeance. Parking on sidewalks is also prohibited, even if the car is only partially blocking the sidewalk. Blocking somebody’s driveway can get you towed, and the fine can be hundreds of dollars. Parking enforcement is big business in this town. That’s why so many who choose to bring their own car to Ohio University rent their own parking space in Athens, Ohio.

The Convenience of Your Own Parking Space

Krause Rental Properties offers Athens, Ohio parking rentals for prices starting at $300 per year, less than half of what one person would expect to pay in monthly housing to live off campus. Other parking lots are leased for $400 or $500, depending on their convenience to campus and popular uptown locations. It’s a convenience that lets you park your car safely without having to worry about moving your car to avoid a ticket. And during popular weekends like Halloween or Homecoming, you’ve always got a spot, even when the entire state arrives at your porch ready to party.