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The Importance of Off Campus Parking at Ohio University

Off campus parking can be one of the greatest challenges to keeping a car at Ohio University. As the university has grown over the years, the parking spaces remain the same. And parking regulations are strictly enforced. Parking on the street is a constant headache. City rules mandate that no car is to remain parked in the same street spot for more than 24 hours, or it may be cited or towed. The city actually employs a full time enforcement officer, and they’re good at their job. You also can’t park on the sidewalks, and that includes being parked in a driveway and only partially blocking a sidewalk. Tickets are easy to get, and they quickly pile up. And if they are not paid within 5 days, fines are substantially increased.

Your Own Space at the End of the Rainbow

Kraus Rentals offers off campus parking near Ohio University for prices starting at $300 per year. That’s less than one parking ticket per month when you break it down. How many do you think you’ll rack up when you have to move your car every day while still maintaining a hectic student schedule? And just try finding parking during big weekends like Halloween, graduation or Homecoming. An open parking space is like gold on the other end of a rainbow during those times. Unless you have your own, and then you never have to worry about it.