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Renting Your Own Parking in Athens Ohio Saves Beer Money

Parking tickets ultimately add up to beer and sandwich money you can’t afford to just give away. If you are unfortunate enough to get one, you need to pay up. After 5 days, the fine is substantially increased according to city ordinance. They can easily eat into your budget, and it’s always unexpected and painful. A surprise ticket might mean not going to the bar, not eating out with friends, not doing the things you really want to do. And since city regulations require you to move a car on any street space every 24 hours, you’ll likely rack up your share if you don’t rent your own Athens Ohio parking space.

Rent Your Own Space with Kraus

Luckily, Kraus Rentals has several different private lots where you can rent Athens, Ohio parking. Prices are affordable and range anywhere from $300 to $500 per year, depending on the convenience of the lot. Some are within easy walking distance to uptown and the bar scene. Like gas money and car insurance, you might as well chalk parking rental up to a necessary expense if you own a car in Athens. Play the street parking game, and it will cost you, often when you’re down to your last buck and you want to go out with your friends.