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Athens meter maids are out for blood. Your blood!

The City of Athens doesn’t have a wide taxable base, but as the locals will tell you, they try to make up for it in outrageous parking tickets. For instance, you can’t have a car parked in the same street space for more than 24 hours, even if it’s on a side street. Unless you are planning to drive your car every day, you’ll need your own parking space to have a car in Athens, Ohio. Sure, you’ll tell yourself you’ll move it every day, but one ticket alone can cost you at least $30, and they soon add up. You could end up paying several months’ worth of rent to the parking enforcement agency over the course of a semester.

Your Own Space to Escape the Meter Maid

Kraus Rentals offer off campus parking in Athens at several different designated lots, with prices ranging anywhere from $300 to $500 per year. For less than two weeks’ worth of housing, you get your own private parking space where you can park your car for as long as you want and never have to worry about moving it or getting a ticket. In Athens, that’s worth its weight in gold. Save yourself some money on what you’d pay in parking tickets and get your own space. It just makes sense.