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Home Is Where the Heart Is. Fall in Love With and Rent this Athens, Ohio Three Bedroom House

If apartments just aren’t for you and you are a group of close-knit friends or family then why not rent an Athens, Ohio three bedroom house. It is no secret that renting a house has its advantages. In many cases it is easier to feel at home in a house and it offers a stark contrast from dorm living. Krause Rental Properties has several three-bedroom houses for rent in the Athens area. So you and your roomies can call a house a home and not have to deal with thin walls and noisy neighbors above. Check out our three bedroom options today!

A House that Feels Like Home

Homes have character. They generally have more room than apartments, and they’re designed with better style. Plus you no longer have to worry about thin walls. There’s nothing like having your own yard or a porch on a nice breezy day, especially when the weather’s nice. We feature many nice three bedroom houses, perfect for you and a couple of friends or a small family. You’ll feel less confined and more in your own space. Three bedrooms is the perfect size. You don’t have to fill it with strangers, yet there’s someone to help share the rent. Live in a house that actually feels like home.

With More Common Space and No Upstairs Neighbors Maybe a House Is What You and Your Roommates Need

Living in a house will ensure that your living space is one of a kind. Athens, Ohio houses for rent tend to have a lot more character than any apartment available for rent, not to mention that many have yards, and driveways. You would be amazed at how much bigger a nice porch and/or yard can make your living space feel. If thin, white walls covered with posters doesn’t quite suit your sense of style then escape the cookie cutter set up apartments offer and take a look at the many multiple bedroom houses Krause Rental Properties has to offer.