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Room for Everybody in the Group with Four Bedroom Off Campus Housing

Your clique is tight. No need to cause any ripples by excluding someone while you are searching for housing. We have four bedroom Athens, Ohio rentals available to keep you and your three closest friends together for another year. Imagine the memories you can build together with any one of our centrally located apartments, houses, or condos. We have places on Mill St. to keep you close to campus and the action of the street fest season. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a Court St, apartment or the amenities offered at one of our University Commons condominiums.

Sharing Memories, Share the College Experience

College is about memories. And when you can live with all your friends, you’ll make plenty of them. When you share a house with your three closest friends, you create a bond you’ll carry with you for the rest of your lives. You’ll share the joys, tears, and laughter of some of the best years of your lives. Why exclude anybody in the group when we offer multiple room rentals to include everyone? We offer plenty of great four bedroom rentals so you can take your pick. Everyone can have their own space yet still share the college experience. You’ll get along great when you live with the people you love.

Four is Company with One of Our Off-Campus Apartments for Four

Living with friends can be a great experience, especially in the right place. We offer several four bedroom apartments to ensure your experience is a good one. Living with multiple roomies is easy when everyone has their own room to clean or mess up at their will. Our University Commons condos offer spacious bedrooms and a comfortable common area as well as two bathrooms, not to mention plenty of green space, a swimming pool, workout room, and bus service to and from campus. Call our office today to take look at all we have to offer.