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Local Company Offers Affordable Uptown Rentals in Athens

An important factor to consider when searching for OU off-campus housing is how much time will you be spending walking everyday to and from class and/or uptown and will it be uphill both ways. If the thought of twenty minute walks uphill make you cringe than you might want to consider renting one of our quality Athens, Ohio rentals uptown. It is hard to beat the convenience and excitement that living in Uptown Athens can offer; not to mention the amount of time you will save by avoiding the daily hike to campus from more remote neighborhoods.

Location, Location, Location…

Location is everything. When you rent uptown, you’re in the heart of it all, where all the action is. Late for class? Campus is that much closer. Concerned about walking home at night? Home is just a couple blocks from the bar. Tired of walking up and down the hills that make Athens a part of  Appalachia? Walking down Court Street couldn’t be easier. Afterhours comes to you, and your bed is that much closer. Party weekends like Halloween and Homecoming come right to your door. Get the most out of your college experience by being where the action happens, not a 30 minute hike in the middle of nowhere.

Be the Envy of All Your Friends with a Sweet Uptown Athens Apartment

You will never have to wander far to find your next cup of coffee when you live in an Uptown Athens apartment. You’ll never have to sweat a meal again with the variety of eateries within a five-minute walk of your place. Enjoy occasions like Halloween and Homecoming even more by having the party come to you. Completely cut out that dreadful feeling you get at last call knowing you only have to trek up a flight of stairs instead of climbing a small mountain to get home. Living uptown has countless advantages. What are you waiting for?