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One Local Company Provides a Variety of Off-Campus Rentals Worth Browsing

It is the moment you have been waiting for. Time to move out of the dorms and leave the cafeteria behind for good. Save time on your search for Ohio University rental properties and keep the focus on finding the right rental for you. Will it be a house or an apartment? Do you want to live with your whole crew or by yourself? Where is a good location for you? Take some time to browse our properties and see what is available throughout Athens and around the Ohio University campus. Call our office to view any properties in person.

Simplify While Expanding Your Search

Our website makes it easy so you really can view more rental properties while simplifying your search at the same time. There’s no need to call some random slum lord to have a look at a property when you can explore an option in detail right from your computer. Check out the floor plan, get a list of amenities, and view detailed photos that give you a feel of the place. If you see something you like, call us to schedule an appointment so you can see the place in person. We have plenty of great properties, so don’t settle. And don’t do any more work than you have to. Our website makes it easy while expanding the possibilities.

Don’t Exhaust Yourself in the Search for an Athens, Ohio Rental and Settle for Something Because Your Tired of Hunting

Looking for Off-Campus Housing can be a hassle if you let it. The good news is that we at Krause Rental Properties have made it really easy for you. Instead of wasting time looking through want ads or driving around looking for “for rent” signs just sit back and check out our wide variety of rentals. We have everything from studio apartments to five person houses so we are sure to have something for you. We offer affordable, well-maintained rentals in great locations. Check the listing for each property to see what amenities are offered.