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Find a Little More Freedom and Space with an Affordable House for Rent in Athens

Apartments aren’t for everyone. Unless you grew up in one, they never quite feel like home. Houses offer a more homey-feel, more space, and more of a canvas to express yourself. Yards and porches offer an expansion of space in the warmer seasons. Begin and end your search for a house for rent in Athens, Ohio with Krause Rental Properties. We make it easy to browse our rental houses by number of bedrooms or location, so take a look at what we have to offer. Call our office to schedule an appointment to view the ones that catch your fancy.

A House that Feels Like Home

Apartment housing can feel more like you’re living in a dorm than a home. We feature plenty of great houses for rent that actually feel like home. You can have a beautiful yard, even a garden, or an expansive porch for cookouts. Many of our homes don’t even feel like rentals. They have individuality and a sense of being that make them feel like family. Take a look at what we have to offer. Our website is easily searchable, and every property can be explored in detail. Find a home that suits your sense of living. After all, it’s your house. It should feel like home.

Make Your Off-Campus Rental More Like a Home by Renting One of Our Fine Houses

Whether you are renting for the school year or for the long term a house has a lot to offer that an apartment can’t. A nice porch in Athens goes a long way in terms of enjoying the weather, the view, and meeting neighbors. Having a yard means not having to search for a spot to enjoy the sun or study under the shade of a tree, not to mention the ability to host a gathering without having to let anybody in. If you are looking for an Athens rental than consider our selection of fine rental homes available in a variety of sizes and locations.