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Spend More Time at Home in Just Your Underwear By Renting a One Bedroom Apartment

Roommates aren’t for everybody and we are well aware of that. We offer numerous Athens, Ohio studio apartments for rent to suit the loner in you. Home can be any number of things, why not make it an escape. Enjoy your solitude and the ability to do what you want whenever you want without concern. We have affordable one bedroom apartments located uptown as well as in duplexes around town. Check them out on our website by searching for “1 bedroom” and then call our office to view the apartments in person.

Let’s Count the Perks of “Single Living”

Aside from getting to spend more time in your underwear, there will be no roommates partying at 3 a.m. when you have a final the next morning. On the other side of the coin, they’ll be no roommates you need to turn the stereo down for when you’re kicking it at 3 a.m. You don’t have to watch your roommates make out on the couch. You’re free to make out on the couch in peace. A studio apartment means you get to live your life how you want it, every day, with no one to answer to but yourself. Set your own hours, lifestyle, not to mention wardrobe (or no wardrobe!). Have the house to yourself so you can decide the TV channel, what’s played on the stereo, and when to go to bed. Finally, independence the way college is supposed to be.

Enjoy the Felling of Having the House to Yourself? Why Not Feel that Way All the Time

There is a lot of satisfaction in being the head of the household and never having to compromise. Try renting one of our Athens, Ohio one-bedroom apartments to avoid roommate problems. You will never have to deal with the interruptions or inconveniences associated with sharing a space again. Make messes at will and clean on your own time by renting one of our affordable studio apartments. The advantages are endless and the feeling of freedom is truly great. Check out your options on our website then call our office today to schedule an appointment to view your future home.