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Last Call Doesn’t Have to Mean Preparing Yourself for the Hike Home. Keep Your Walk Short by Choosing From a Selection of Quality Uptown Rentals

Nothing like closing down the bar on a Saturday night in Athens, Ohio and having to walk a half hour up hill to get home. Krause Rental Properties has a variety of Athens uptown rentals to keep you close to the action. Spend more of your time hanging out with your friends and making memories and less time scaling the heights and perilous sidewalks to get to and from uptown. We have one to four bedroom apartments on Court Street. Put yourself in the middle of the action, where you will never be to far from campus, a good meal, or the variety of uptown businesses and bars.

Don’t Walk Away Your College Years. Spend More Time Building Memories with a Conveniently Located OU Uptown Apartment

Simplify your life by renting one of our Athens, Ohio apartments near bars, campus, restaurants and more. Maximize your college experience by indulging in the experience that living uptown has to offer. It is hard to beat the convenience of a Court Street apartment in Athens. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or a cup of coffee, you will never have to go far. Not to mention being able to study right up to the minute you want to leave knowing that you don’t have a half hour hike ahead of you.